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Our company specialises in extensive hoof care, trimming and treatment.

The reliability of our service is due to our long-standing experience in the field, skilled staff and involvement.
In 2006, at the breeding animal exhibition in Pudliszki, our company was awarded for the use of laser therapy in hoof treatment and received the certificate “Znak Nowość”. We also received a certificate of National Association of Hoof Trimmers and Therapists no 1/2009.

WEIHS company is also in the register of training institutions under 2.02/0040/2009 and we give  hoof trimming and treatment courses.

  In 2012 we began cooperation with prof. Ryszard Skrzypek from the University of Life Sciences in Poznań within POLISH PROJECT- HEALTHY HOOVES, which aims to improve herd management through the skillful use of data collected during  hoof trimming.

We also produce claw treatment crushes with EU certificate and our company is a Polish exclusive  WOPA dealer  - the Dutch producer of professional crushes.

Professional claw trimming, proper diagnosis and effective treatment may only guarantee the company with an established position and huge experience. Join us today!